Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

Lifelong Learning has been busy even though the schools are closed. The Adult Education courses for the Winter Session, as well as the Spring session, are posted online. There are flip-books for both sessions that list and describe the courses. The Winter courses are available for registration. Registration for the Spring opens in January. Check out some of the newer offerings including: How to Run Your First 5K, Introduction to Weight Lifting for Women, Qigong, It's Personal: Creative Non-Fiction Writing Workshop and Selling Your Home Yourself, among others. There are numerous health/fitness/sport courses, photography, line dancing, foreign language, Early Childhood Educator professional development, ed2go courses, and food & wine tasting courses. There's something for everyone.

Enjoy a Lifelong Learning course in 2014!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday,. December 10, 2013

Lifelong Learning constantly works in the future, as well as the present. By that I mean that we are always working on learning initiatives for the upcoming semester and year, as we implement other programs/courses on a daily basis.

Yesterday we finished editing the Adult Education and Community Learning spring brochure. The brochure will be mailed to residents of Franklin, Bellingham and Wrentham. It includes a number of traditional offerings: Volleyball, Basketball, Yoga, Zumba, Language, Photography, Writing, Dance and more. Additionally, it features new courses offered in collaboration with businesses from Franklin and the surrounding communities: Kettlebells for Women with f.i.t. of Bellingham, Wine and Chocolate Tasting with Franklin Liquors and Green Mountain Chocolates, IPAs -- Hoppy Ales with Pour Richards, and Ladies Snowshoe/Trek and Ladies Light Hike with Nanci Cahalane and held in Foxboro.

We are in the process of receiving course proposals for the Summer Programs. Faculty and staff are proposing courses for students from kindergarten through grade 12. Their creativity and dedication make the Summer Program an enriching experience for all involved. Watch the Franklin Public Schools website in mid-January for registration information.

Lifelong Learning is a department within the Franklin Public Schools. The leadership provided by the Superintendent of Schools, Ms. Sabolinski, is critical to the success of this department. Her leadership reinforces and supports the mission and purpose of Lifelong Learning.

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Monday, December 2, 2013

After School Music

December 2, 2013

Franklin Public Schools provides after school music instruction on a variety of instruments, as well as in different settings.

The String School of Franklin, directed by Ms. Plouffe, rehearses on Monday afternoons at the Horace Mann Middle School. The  learning opportunities include beginner string instruction on violin, viola, cello and bass. As the student advances in music knowledge and playing ability, he/she enrolls in the Intermediate Orchestra followed by the Preparatory Orchestra. The Repertory Orchestra, participation by audition, includes advanced string players from the greater Franklin community.

The After School 4th/5th Grade Band, under the direction of Mr. Donegan, rehearses on Tuesday afternoons at the Horace Mann Middle School. There is beginner instruction on flute, clarinet, saxophone (for 5th graders only), trumpet, and trombone. Fifth grade students, who studied a band instrument in the 4th grade, are eligible for participation in the Intermediate Band.

The 4th/5th Grade Honors Chorus, co-directed by Ms. MacMurray and Ms. Fuller, rehearses on Thursday afternoons at Oak Street Elementary School. Participation in this ensemble is limited to 60 students.

The Private Music Lesson program takes place at the high school on Monday through Thursday afternoons/evenings. The day of the week for lessons is determined by the faculty member's schedule. Instruction is available in voice, as well as the following instruments: bass, cello, clarinet, flute, guitar (acoustic, bass or electric), low brass, percussion, piano, saxophone, trombone, trumpet and tuba.Private instruction is open to students from 5th grade through adult.

The String School, the 4th/5th Grade Band and the 4th/5th Grade Honors Chorus are currently in session. The Private Music Lesson program has rolling enrollment; students are able to register throughout the year, predicated on the availability of the music faculty member. 

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