Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Week 3 - Summer Fun

Today is July 21, the middle of the Summer Program 2010. This summer there are over 2700 students, ranging in age from 3 years (Early Explorers) to teens at the high school, who are participating in over 100 courses and clinics.

This summer some of the students have studied Robotics at MIT, traveled to Southwick's Zoo, participated in 'disgusting' science experiments, painted Funky Furniture, created awesome art, celebrated the world of the American Girl Doll, made Lego Movies, studied digital photography, explored forensic science; participated in a concert band, jazz band or summer orchestra; played field hockey, lacrosse, tennis, football, track & field and volleyball; others were introduced to Project Adventure 'Challenge by Choice' and experienced being a flying squirrel and climbed a wall; and some of our younger learners tiptoed into Ready ... Set ... Kindergarten. These classes and many, many more are possible because of the dedication of the Franklin Public Schools faculty, staff and coaches. These individuals relinquish part of their summer to teach/lead these activities in the Summer Program.

The mission of the programs under the umbrella of the Lifelong Learning Institute is is to contribute to the development of the Town of Franklin as a knowledge community. The students and by extension their families, and the faculty, staff and coaches make this summer learning experience a reality.

For more information, browse the classes on the LLL web page.

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