Thursday, April 14, 2011

Franklin Summer Program Enrollment Growing!

Enrollment in Franklin Public Schools Lifelong Learning Summer Program 2011 continues to outpace last year's numbers. Over 800 registrations have been processed and new classes are still coming online. Classes with strong numbers include:
The High School Experience - for incoming Grade 9 students
Ready .. Set .. Kindergarten - for incoming kindergarten students
All classes involving: Legos, American Girl books, Art, Cooking, Science and Back Yard Sports.

A new initiative, the Summer Math Academy, is demonstrating strong numbers. This program uses math as a lens to study: Origami, Attribute Graphing, Pattern Art, Cryptology, Tangrams, Sudoku, Math Story Re-enactments, Gum Drop 3-D figures, and more!!

Registration continues through May and for some classes, into June. Visit the Lifelong Learning Summer Program website: select Summer Program from the center of the page.

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