Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday, February 3

Registration for Summer 2014 is underway. As of this morning, 185 registrations have been received. The STAR program is filling up quickly. Already week four, Lego Movie Making for students entering grades 3, 4 & 5, is full! Students may select their STAR courses from a variety of offerings that are separated by week and grade. STAR courses with great interest include: Celebrating the American Girl, Clay, Pottery, and Sculptures, Elementary School Musical, Harry Potter O.W.L. and N.E.W.T., Rockets and Robotics, Rock Band, and more! There are cooking classes, hands-on arts & crafts classes, new classes working with duct tape in creative ways, fitness/sports classes, science and music classes, as well as classes that combine literature with exploration. There are many, many class options.

The Summer Art Institute is offering a variety of courses for students entering grades 6 - 10. These courses include: Drawing & Painting, Digital Photography, Green Architecture Design, Mixed Media & Printmaking, and Painting Furniture. Students entering grades 10 & 11 may enroll in Exploring Art, and students entering grades 11 & 12 may enroll in Portfolio Preparation/Open Studio. These are exciting courses for the student with an interest in art, as well as the art student.

The Summer Music Program is offering: Elementary Strings and Concert Band for students with one year of playing experience; Glee (Show Choir), a performance based group that contains singing and dance  movements; and, Summer Orchestra and Jazz Band Workshop for  music students with two or more years of playing experience.

To learn more about these and other Summer 2014 courses, visit our website   www.FranklinLifelongLearning.com

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